Ghoomer is the story of two losers who find hope in each other’s hopeless state and create magic. 


Anina, a young woman Indian cricketer loses her right hand in an accident, meets a down in the dumps, failed aging male cricketer. Together, without a shred of sympathy towards the others’ misfortune, they use each other to fulfil their near impossible individual dreams. Adversity leads to creativity. Leading to an innovation that leaves the world spell bound. 


‘Ghoomer’ is a traditional spinning dance form of India that the coach and the player use as a weapon. The film is a dance of destiny, a dance of hope, determination, courage and finally a dance of the magical possibilities of life that happen to those who have earned the magic.

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Feature Film

Writer & Director

R Balki


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Abhishek A Bachchan, Gauri Shinde, WG CDR Ramesh Pulapaka (Retd), Anil Naidu

Creative Director & Concept

Rahul Sengupta


Rahul Sengupta, Rishi Virmani

Director of Photography

Vishal Sinha

Music Director & Original Background Score

Amit Trivedi


Swanand Kirkire, Kausar Munir


Nipun Ashok Gupta

Production Designer

Sandeep Sharad Ravade

Sound Designer

Debasish Mishra

Casting Director

Shruti Mahajan

Wardrobe Stylist

Aesha Merchant

Executive Producer

Anirudh Sharma